Practice areas

Here at HispAbogados & Law we are able to provide precautionary and procedural advice with regards to all of the practice areas inherent to Commercial, Civil, Tax and Economic Crime Law, thanks to the extensive knowledge and specialist training of our professionals.

  • Transfer of responsibilities to administrators
  • Claims for non-payment
  • Company law
  • Incorporation and creation of companies
  • Commercial contracting
  • Arrangements with creditors
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Challenging company agreements, calls to assemblies, etc.
  • Annulment of unfair clauses
  • Shareholders’ meeting and meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Collaboration agreements between companies
  • Corporate projects, franchises
  • Industrial and intelectual property
  • Paperwork for obtaining patents and brands
  • General contracting
  • Claims for payments
  • Leasing agreements
  • Organisation of building complexes
  • Development, construction and technical contracts
  • Ownership proceedings, rectification of the registered area of property, actions for the recovery of ownership
  • Buying and selling of property and real estate companies
  • Property law
  • Claims for sums of money paid in advance for the purchase of property (Law 57/68)

  • Contentious tax proceedings
  • Local taxation
  • Indirect tax
  • General taxation
  • Economic crime (Appropriation, fraud, money laundering)
  • Crime against the Tax Authorities
  • Crimes against Public Revenue
  • Administrative and political crimes
  • Crimes against the Administration of Justice

Abogado Carlos Larrañaga

Mr. Javier Portillo, the Managing Partner of HispAbogados&Law who has extensive experience in dealing with large-scale criminal cases, is joined in the firm by Mr. Carlos Larrañaga Junquera, an expert in Criminal Law, and whose career specializing in this field spans over thirty years.

Brief overview of Dr. Carlos Larrañaga’s legal career:

  • Doctor of Law
  • Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Malaga (UMA) for 20 years.
  • A meticulous columnist and author of countless publications
  • Speaker and participant in numerous forums and courses on Criminal Law

  • ¿Have you paid a sum of money in advance for the purchase of a property and the property was never finished or handed over? Don’t give up on your fight to get this money back! Here at HispAabogados&Law, we can help you to recover it.

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  • If you are unable to deal with your debts and you are looking for a chance to start afresh, here you have your second opportunity. We are here to help you with the Second Opportunity Act.

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